Euro Asia Curry Award

Euro asia curry award is an annual award winning ceremony dedicated and committed in celebrating the success of the curry industry and the people behind it was established by Shorif Khan in 2015. He was given the award for the local tower hamlets Council and Sutton Council. EACA selects out the different regions in the UK and gives out awards to a restaurant after a judgement.

Award category:
* Restaurant of the year
*Takeaway of the the year
*Business of the year
*Newcomer of the year
*Chef of the year
*National champion of the year
*lifetime achievement award

The main aims of these ceremonies are to:
*Aware the economy boost in UK
*Celebrates hard work of small businesses which are the back bones of Britain
*Encourage, aware and support up and coming businessmen

Shorif Khan was a Chef himself and specialises in Bangladeshi and Indian cuisine. He has over 20 years experience being a Chef. He also provides training to other chefs. When he visits Bangladesh he provides training to chefs in hotels and restaurants.  He also works with Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Thai, Malaysian and Chinese restaurants. He has also provided food for celebrities and prime minister in the UK such as Teresa May and John Biggs.

Shorif Khan owns his own recipe book and has given it to 1700 other restaurants as well as opened 150 UK restaurants.  Shorif Khan met with former prime minister David Cameroon in the dinner party in Westminster parliamentary programme on 7th July 2016. He was highly pleased with this programme mentioning that Euro asia curry award will play a good contribution in British curry industry.

Shorif Khan was inspired by his father Moslom Uddin Khan. Moslom uddin opened his restaurant in 1960 called Shangri La located in East London. The first president of Bangladesh Bongobondhu Shaikh Muzibur Rahman held his first political meeting at Shangri la in 1969. His father was also a known businessman.

Euro asia curry industry is supporting the British economy with 5billion to the British economy.

He wants to encourage the next generation to get involved in the curry award industry and for it to further develop as there are many benefits to it. He is working on his own recipe book which will consist of 100 recipes which will consist of Bangladeshi and Indian cuisines.

If you require further information please contact us:

Adress: 80A Ashfield street London E1 2BJ
Phone number: 07487229524